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Whatever the reason, we are always pleased to hear from you. If our shop manager hasn't been able to help and your query isn't answered in our FAQ's below, then please get in touch using the form below. We'll do our best to reply within 24 hours, Monday to Friday (excl.bank holidays).


Is your chicken Halal?

The chicken in our Hot Pods, Hot Wraps and Gym Bowls is not halal. The chicken we serve in the soups and salads is halal.

How many eggs are in a regular/large scrambled egg portion?

Our regular portion has 2 eggs and our large portion has 3 eggs.

Is your Turkish cheese pasteurized?

Yes, our delicious, authentic Turkish cheese is pasteurized.

Why do you charge extra for gluten free bread?

We take specific nutritional requirements very seriously at pod, especially when it comes to gluten and wheat free foods as we are well aware of the potential risks for those with allergies to these food groups. As such we are diligent in our approach to preventing cross contamination so when we toast gluten free bread, this takes place in a separate part of the kitchen, in a separate toaster, using separate toast tongs. It is for this reason that it costs us a little more to provide. We hope you understand.

Why do some stores sell a different range of Hot pods to others?

This comes down to the size of our kitchens. As all our food is cooked fresh each day, we need a pot for every recipe and in some shops, unfortunately, there simply isn't room.

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